Why you should order a booty builder

You will find the answer to the question in the following product presentation.

Why you, too, should provide a booty builder for yourself and your members.

And for all of you who prefer to set the reading speed yourself, we offer the PDF from which this film was generated for browsing and downloading.

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As an alternative to the theoretical answer, you can also get the practical answer why you should treat yourself and your members to a Booty Builder live. Take a look in the GYM Locator to find out where the closest Booty Builder is installed.
im GYM LOCATOR finden alle das nächst gelegene Booty Builder Studio


By the way: We installed the Gym Locator so that interested parties can find the nearest address to test the Booty Builder. That was the idea behind the Gym Locator.

The idea is alive and has been expanded by booty affine people so that the Gym Locator can also bring traffic to your Gym's if you either register yourself after receiving the Booty Builder or we do it for you.

Booty Builder Team

By traffic we mean customers who either want to train with in your gym or who want to buy training accessories from the Booty Builder brand. Both happen every day.

Erweitere dein Geschäft

A booty builder is more than a piece of exercise equipment. With a booty builder you bring security and joy into your studio. It doesn't matter whether it is a home gym, a hotel or a commercial fitness facility.

You can be sure of joy, security, traffic and cash flow if you provide yourself and your members with the world's best hip thrust machine instead of any hip thrust machine.

And you will find out what joy it is in the following two videos. Pay attention to the quotes from the trade fair visitors.


Booty Builder is best for your Glutes